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Dear Customer,  Congratulations! Your business qualifies for the Smart Energy Savers Program. The program is valuable to you as a business owner because it is a cost effect way to help lower your operating costs.    The Smart Energy Program was established to provide customers with tools to reduce energy use. The program helps customers save money and protect the environment by going green. The program also supports the goals, which strives to reduce energy demand and consumption of energy and strain on the electrical grid.  There is value in new installations of light and retrofit project for your company. We sell and service all the lighting we install. Savings on energy usage will ultimately help to lower overall operating cost. Did you know that the out dated lighting systems account for about 60% of one’s energy bill? In order to have an optimal energy efficient lighting system, it is important to incorporate modern technology into your business facility.  July 1st 2010 marked the day when all T-12 lighting system became outdated, therefore you find it difficult to purchase replacement light bulbs or ballasts. Don’t leave your business in the dark! Avoid the hassle now and upgrade your current lighting system through Smart Energy Savers Program. Lighting projects can be costly but are an absolutely necessary investment. Take advantage of the incentive as it covers up to 80% of the cost for the whole project. We also offer what is called the green Funding program which provides equipment financing if need.  Consider the numerous secondary benefits of upgrading your lighting system:  Often times new lighting systems are brighter than the old systems at less wattage  Refreshing make over for your facility improving the quality of light   Up to date technology LED Light, Indoor and Out Door Lighting, Motions Sensor  Having a certified contractor changing out that hard to reach light   Longer lasting bulbs and ballasts with included manufacturer’s warranty  No more humming noises coming from the ballasts harmonics  To participate in SMART ENERGY SAVERS PROGRAM you must contact the approved program contractor for your area that will develop a lighting solution customized to your business:  A-1 Electrical Solutions & Constructions LLC Toll free 1800-957-7233       Office: (443) 722-1671 Cell: (443) 850-7393 Email: info@A-1electrical-lighting.com  Take advantage of the program and everything it has to offer, as it will not be available for long! To see how much you can save, schedule an appointment today to get a commitment -free energy analysis.

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